Forever Loved, Never Forgotten

by Exhibitors

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Recorded, mixed & mastered by Aeonix Productions
CD released by Dangerous Goods Distro

Forever Loved, Never Forgotton is Exhibitors sophomore release.

Release Show in Singapore on the 19th of November 2016.

They will be touring Australia with Snakepit in December 2016. Catch them here:

2nd December - Sydney - Valve Bar
3rd December - Canberra - The Basement
4th December - Melbourne - The Bendigo
7th December - Wollongong - Rad Bar
9th December - Sydney - Captain Cook Hotel
11th December - Brisbane - Vitals Shed


released November 13, 2016


all rights reserved



Exhibitors Singapore

Melodic Hardcore from Singapore.

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Track Name: Dear You
I laid eyes upon this gem
A gem I knew I might
Keep it safe with all my heart
And my soul with unconditional strength
To defend and to sustain
To build a bridge to gain
Forever willing to break my back
Just to see you smile again.

I got my chains uncuffed
From my wrist, allowing me to reach for you
Showing possibilities that it might never be true
Am I not shouting loud enough right in front of you

I'm the loudest cliché you'll ever hear
Coming from my mouth that speaks of truth
Sorrows and remorse bursting my ear
But you reached your hands out to soothe, me

Following you into darkness and light
Without questioning to where we're going
Till the horn blows, and till the siren sings

Dear you
My heart it beats, it beats so quickly,
listening to my bones rattle under my skin
My palms moist and my knees are weakening
My world stops and I hear myself breathing

I'll hold you and I’ll keep you under shelter,
To show you love you'll never know

To love is to give,
And I have given you, my everything.
Track Name: Vices
I can't shed this feeling
The weight of the world is too much
For one to handle on his own
Just watching himself
Damned to the end of his own life
Because these vices lightens everything
His body, his mind and his soul.

But will it ever be enough?
Or will it be too much?
Because it slowly consumes him whole,
Until he can't find his own soul.

Losing himself in the things that he loves,
Stuck in his own world
Unravelling things he never knew existed
Or things he never knew he could achieve.

He puts his hand out, reaching for help
But instead, he feels a cold blanket hugging him.
And his sight goes dim,
His breath shortens and heartbeat softens
The life he once knew he lived,
Has finally left with peace.

And as the clock ticks on,
He feels his life taken away.
So slowly, so painfully
And silent screams was all he could afford to do.
Grasping onto his dear life,
Not knowing what comes after
Leaving everything and everyone,
As the reaper rips what he sewed.
Track Name: Oath ft. Gerard of Kaji
Have I forgotten how to swim?
Because I find myself drowning in my dreams.
I'm struggling to breathe,
And I just find it hard to see.

This regret weighs me down,
Like an anchor to a sinking ship.
It feels so much heavier now,
Than everything already is.

Just one more time, teach me how to love again.
Just one more time, put your arms around me again.

Before you fade off as a memory,
Bitter sweet and cold,
Sleep was something of the past
My eyes could never lock shut
With you screaming in my head
Telling me to let you go,
But I can’t, I'm bonded by an oath,
And I know I speak for us both.
So tell me how do I go to sleep again,
When even with sleep, I have nothing to gain.

I'll always hold this grudge upon myself.
Being so blind and morally inclined,
The only regret I have in this life,
And maybe next one in time.

All I could do now, is to hold you up,
High and proud
with your hands wrapped around his body,
And your heart, stuck in the love we found.
Track Name: Silence
Time stops for no one even in dire needs.
As the world revolves on and on,
And we stood to watch a brother bleed to death,
Rooted to the cold ground.
There was nothing one could do,
But pray someone would soon,
Because these blood stains the hands
Of the human race and mine too.

So part the sea, between sadness and me.
And distance us from all of these,
Although pain reminds us we are only human,
Our actions prove to us otherwise, indecent.
Let our voices be heard, and this song learnt.

I wear my heart on my sleeves,
For all the victims who’ve been hurt
For all those killed in cold blood and deserted.

The deafening silence is screaming so loud
And its saying, 'please, stop this madness now’
Save humanity within this bout,
Of the innocent and the brainless,
No one deserves to see their own family die
By bombs falling from the sky.
Being taken away so forcefully without saying goodbye
And the best part of it all, its change that they've never tried.

Cowards, murderers and robbers.
Wealthy men and women with powers,
Taking lives into their own hands,
And showers the unarmed with their sick endeavours.
Robbing and stripping them off of their happiness,
Because darker skin is socially deemed lower.
And for selfish reasons these people remain silent,
And watch the world kill each other.
Track Name: Undo
The life I live, is the life you wished you had
And the things I've done, I hoped to see a smile on your face.
Stepping into a world of lies is all I see,
Without a sound of pity.
How did you get so cold?
How did you feel so alone?
Yet you sit there thinking, is everything going to be okay?
Nothing will ever be okay.

Dear god, I pray to you, I beg of you
Give me the strength to keep a level head.
Show me the way back to you,
Show me the way to my death bed.

Your voice echoes through my head
Telling me I'm never good enough
And I never will be
I remember what you said
You think I'm better off dead

Lies and lies and lies is all I hear,
Through your teeth about the king you are,
The king you wish to be.
The line has been drawn between the doer and the dreamer,
But its way beyond that now.

I'm sorry for always disappointing you.
I'm sorry for always coming short.
I'm sorry you're not the man you claim to be.

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